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The Industry Standard Group (TISG) is a multicultural commercial investment and producing organization aiming to make theatre accessible, inclusive, and more equitable.

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We’re here to create more access for BIPOC investors and producers to financial participation; disrupt and change the opaque norms of the commercial producing industry; and support and cultivate BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) investors and producers as well as BIPOC-led projects. By expanding the network of people investing in theatre, we will be widening the pool of commercial entertainment ventures overall.

The Industry Standard Group (TISG) is charged with creating more equal opportunity and closing the racial parity gap. With stakeholders primarily from BIPOC communities, TISG will address the lack of diversity in the commercial producing industry and serve as a signature pathway for diverse work, future commercial investors and producers, and industry change. While there are ‘traditional’ methods and models available, TISG aims to create a model to decolonize the way BIPOC individuals participate in commercial producing, and to incubate a community space to grow and advance in the field.

We are currently seeking immediate allyship and philanthropic support to launch The Industry Standard Group.